Chase Baines


Hey what's up! my name is Chase Baines.

I'm originally from Newfoundland Canada and have been living and riding in Whistler BC for about 10 years.

I am a snowboarding coach for a local Japanese company called Canadian Sports Business Academy
and I also make higher level tutorials for Snowboard Addiction.

In terms of my goals in snowboarding, I sort of just focus on getting better and having fun!
Competitions are ok from time to time, but I mostly enjoy filming and making edits with my friends and other local rippers!

My favorite areas of Snowboarding are big jumps and deep powder, but I love it all and I try to stay as well rounded as I can.
I have two other sponsors at the moment, Olive Boards and Snowboard Addiction. Check them out if you feel like it!

In the summertime I usually work construction, practice martial arts and do a little bit of skateboarding to stay sideways. I also surf bad, and play video games good.

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