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                           Lens Technology

Our CE-Tech lens technology has been developed to achieve enhanced contrast. By filtering specific wavelengths of blue light it increases your perception of

contrast. Through meticulous engineering and rigorous testing, we have attained amazing results blocking up to 92% of the blue light spectrum in some of our lenses for optimal vision in low light conditions. CE-Tech gives you optimal clarity and



Now it's time for some high-definition fun!


PC lens material

Polycarbonate is the most used material in sports and safety eyewear worldwide for good reasons. It possesses good optical quality, is almost bulletproof and offers 100% UV protection. Our lenses use the highest grade available providing excellent optical clarity while being high velocity impact resistant. We also add scratch resistant and hydrophobic treatments so they can last even longer.


Built-In CP Anti-Fog

We use cellulose propionate acetate for our inner lens and anti-fog. It has great optical properties while gaining superior anti-fog performance compared to many other existing products on the market. We are brave enough to tell you can wipe the inside and save your day if you need to. The cellulose propionate

we use is also made from renewable

resources and imported from Japan.


Fast-Tech Magnetic System

Our Fast-Tech lens attachment system consists of powerful N45 neodymium magnets integrated in the frame and around the lens, allowing you to change lenses in seconds and fastening it in place. No more fingerprints while you do the perfect lens swap in the blink of an eye!


Neapolitan triple-layer face foam

Cozy and comforting like eating ice cream in your pyjamas, this triple- layer treat is going to feel just as nice. Two different densities of foam with strategically placed  thicknesses will perfectly follow the contour of your face and the hypoallergenic micro polar fleece is going to give you cuddles all day long. Wearing goggles will never be as pleasant!


Our Asian Fit have strategically added foam at the nose bridge area in order to close the gap that can occur with a lower nose bridge and therefore allowing a fog free experience.



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