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Goggles Technology

CE-Tech lens technology

Our CE-Tech lens technology is ready to take your vision on an amazing adventure. We've harnessed the power of light to provide enhanced contrast levels like never before – and it's all thanks to some serious engineering and rigorous testing. With the careful filtering of specific wavelengths of blue light, some of our lenses can block up to 92% of the spectrum for outstanding clarity in low light conditions. You'll love the incredible definition provided by our CE-Tech equipped lenses – get ready for some dazzling visions in high definition!

Fast-Tech Magnetic System

Introducing Fast-Tech, an innovative lens attachment system. Our lenses integrate powerful N45 neodymium magnets, allowing them to be securely fastened in place and swapped in literal seconds. That's right – change lenses lightning fast and get a perfectly clear view without struggling with cumbersome clips or pesky fingerprints! It really is as quick as the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to finger fumbling with the old lenses; Now swapping has never been easier: you can do it in a flash of eye blinks, almost magical, just like that!


CP built-in anti-fog

We proudly use cellulose propionate acetate for our inner lens and anti-fog: it offers amazing optical properties on top of excellent anti-fog performance – way better than many of the other available options on the market. Ready to get daring? Happen they fog or snow gets in, what should you do? Wipe the inside of your lens and save your day with our reliable Japanese imports—all made from renewable resources! Talk about heroic specs saving the day!


Introducing LockWing: the breakthrough technology that will revolutionize the way you secure lenses while making it easy to swap! The integration with our Fast-Tech magnetic lens system ensures that your lenses have superior security, without sacrificing a seamless hold. Trade one lens for another like never before – it's safe, quick and easy. LockWing is ushering in a new era of unparalleled convenience and manageability for your lenses, rethinking everything we thought we knew about lens security. Experience a revolutionary generation of lens swapping power – free up your hands and get ready to upgrade.


Warder Vent

Warder Vent: unstoppable protection against all elements! 
Featured on our new Clutch model, no detail has been spared to give you the adventure of a lifetime. 
You’ll be able to trust your gear to protect you, while still being impossibly breathable – time to hit the slopes and take on all the challenges that await!

Premium Polycarbonate 

Polycarbonate is truly remarkable! It's one of the most popular materials used in sports and safety eyewear for a reason — not only is it almost " bulletproof " in terms of its impact resistance , but it also features superior optical clarity and provides absolute 100% protection against dangerous UV rays. Only using the highest grade available, at our company we go the extra mile to provide our customers with an unsurpassed level of toughness — from additional scratch resistant treatments to protectability even during intense hail or rain — getting a bankable lens which stands up to whatever the game throws at it has never been easier!


Frame Fit

When it comes to our frames, thoughtful design ensures a perfect fit – tailored to give enough room to go over most glasses with ease without being too bulky to wear by themselves.  Our frames are designed with purpose for maximum comfort. You'll have awesomely  comfy and nearly forgotten goggles that makes it easier to focus on what's important.  Go ahead and get ready; trust us–the perfect fit is just around the corner.

Our Low Nose Brige Fit AKA Asian Fit have strategically added foam at the nose bridge area in order to close the gap that can occur with a lower nose bridge and therefore allowing a fog free experience.




We designed our product with integration in mind – carefully tailored to be compatible with the most popular helmet models on the market. It's simple, straightforward... and absolutely awesome! With sleek designs and an incredible range of options, you can say goodbye to fiddling around trying to make it work – our goggles goes beyond mere compatibility. Dive into a world of effortless integration and experience it for yourself!



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